NEENAH JET-PRO SofStretch Inkjet Paper for Light Fabrics 11"x17"

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NEENAH JET-PRO SofStretch for Light Fabrics 11"x17"
Product # 9811P0

JET PRO SS Heat Transfer Paper for white and light colored fabrics is the easiest to use and has the least "hand" or feel. Cotton, cotton blends and synthetics work well for garments. The graphic is printed on the JET PRO SS with a reversed image on an inkjet printer. The transfer is placed face down on the garment and heat pressed with heavy pressure for 30 seconds at 375F. Immediately peel the backing paper from the garment. For the best "hand", stretch the garment while hot. This product can also be peeled warm or cold. This product can be hand ironed.

1. Print the image in reverse/mirrored format.
2. Trim away the unprinted areas of the transfer if desired.

1. Place the transfer on top of the garment with the image side touching the substrate (backing paper is facing you).
2. Press 30 seconds @ 375F using medium/heavy pressure.
3. Peel the paper while still hot in a smooth even motion. (Paper may be peeled at any temperature, depending on what end 'feel' results are preferred).
4. For best "hand", stretch the garment while hot.

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